Why do so many of Colorado’s top Insurance Agents choose Roof Brokers?

  1. 80 % of the roofs we are asked to inspect do not have wind or hail damage and this saves your insured from filing a claim prematurely.
  2. This is a free service to insurance agents to help protect their clients-If there is damage we can provide estimates and meet the adjuster-If there is no damage we are happy to have the opportunity to build a relationship.
  3. Most wind damage repairs cost under $200 which in most cases is well below the deductible—another reason to not file a claim prematurely.
  4. We do not have “sales people” or “door knockers”. When damaging hail hits an area, we inspect roofs by invitation to confirm damage. We then call or email the agent or the insured to let them know ‘YES’ we did find storm damage or ‘NO’ we did not find storm damage. If there is damage, we offer to meet the adjuster. We will then follow up to see if insured has any questions, needs any samples and send a contract if asked.

There are several roofing contractors knocking on the doors of your insured’s and telling them they have storm related damage when they may not.

Call Roof Brokers first to make sure there is actual damage BEFORE filing a claim. Zero pay claims can damage your insured’s C.L.U.E. Report and your agency’s claim history.